Great value Pizzeria, Streetsville,  Mississauga

Great value Pizzeria, Streetsville, Mississauga

Great Value, low cost, 20 years at same location, same owner over 10 years. Owner made money at all times, lives off business. Moving away/retiring.

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PRICE SIGNIFICANTLY BELOW OTHER AREA FRANCHISES.  Great Family Business.  Been There Over 20 years (able to live off this business for a family each and every year so always good revenue… even if the hours are long).  Expect to work 50+ hours a week with this, as with any successful franchise.  Rent just $2650 (ex: Hydro, gas water) lease up 06/2014 – 5+5 options.
Sales only $3500 – $4000 (as per owner) which means the new owner has a great start to grow this into an incredible business.  Competition over half km away, South, even further North.  Close to hiway, many churches in area plus can offer Halal, if wish to increase sales even more.  (Mosques in area.)  Much Industrial in area (GO office & train repair area), not far from apartments.  Discount coupons, other marketing ideas never utilized to a significant extent.  Get this before others who know the New Costs of Franchises find out.  Could be your start to a life as a business person!

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