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M&A - A Business For SALE to the Player

M&A – A Business For SALE to the Player

If you know something about M&A, OTC, Puts/Calls, F/S, Marketing and Want to be a Player in the World Corporate Market, check this out.

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M&A Firm Acquisition Opportunity

We represent a Serious Player in the World of Business who is Providing Consultation to the next-to-Public Corporations, we give them what they need to make the move to become OTC (the Over The Counter Exchange) you may not have heard about but is a Legitimate Step to full status on the TSE, NYSE or European Markets.

Your first question is answered: Nothing. We become your partners in this venture so it costs Zero. (You can give us a hug, later.) Our team who are already in place, help Canadian, American and European companies not only make the leap but find you the way to finance this (Win/Win/Win).

That is, provided the clients qualify. And we help you qualify them. We even get you some of your clients to start with. In fact, the current owner is willing to stay on and train you to become the OTC Market Guru you have always dreamed you could become.

Don’t kid yourself. This game is for the Serious Players, only. If you have trouble with long hours, longer international flights and being in countries that do not understand English all the while you are trying to close a deal, then look elsewhere for your paycheck.

The Paycheck? Good, relative to what you do. And you will be so involved in what you are doing that you will not know or care about it since your bills are being paid. The harder you work, the more you make. This company made over $5 Million last year. And there are customers lined up to be bought and sold. If you understand what I am saying, please contact us with your Client (and BRA that is required).

We will make you rich. All you need is money and balls, not necessarily in that order.  To learn more, consult http://gtabusinessbroker.ca/ma-firm-acquisition-opportunity-750k/

Good Luck!

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