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Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt Franchise Opportunity

Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt Franchise Opportunity

Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt is a really cool place to build your dream yogurt creation and hang with your buds. With the vast selection of frozen yogurt flavors and almost infinite variety of toppings available, the fun never stops. Serve up your Fun by Pouring the Yogurts, then Choosing some of the 45 toppings to complete the snack. (Don’t forget to text your friends to drop by.)

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Although it’s in a highly competitive market, Zoyo is hot out of the gate, and is set for rapid growth, with its attractive and easy-to-manage business model.

Zoyo presents a truly exciting opportunity to run a quality (and very popular) business, and have fun in the process of becoming financially independent! Founded in early 2010 by Aaron Klusman and partners, we’ve met our expectations and even exceeded them! Zoyo has focused on creating and maintaining a neighborhood gathering place filled with big smiles and friendly greetings, to all the delicious yogurt flavors and toppings, there’s an air of excitement! Zoyo maintains across-the-board cost cutting with an initial total unit investment of around $250,000, median price, as opposed to the norm, which can be nearly twice as much.

We’ve got a constantly changing selection of amazing frozen yogurt flavors and every topping you can think of (along with some you’ve never heard of before)! From fresh fruit to classic chocolate chips along with yummy syrups such as peanut butter, fudge and caramel – we’ve got everything you’re looking for. Zoyo purveys among the healthiest of yogurt products, which feature, among other things: help overcoming lactose intolerance and aid in digestion of milk protein, help in prevention and combating of digestive tract infections – with four key live and active cultures, including: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis and L. acidophilus.

We are leading the way in our industry as an economical business model and healthy frozen yogurt alternative. They were recently declared “Best Frozen Yogurt” by Phoenix Magazine in their Best of the Valley issue in 2011 & 2012. Consider the following information regarding our industry:

The frozen yogurt industry is a wide-open game, and has produced huge numbers in the last decade. It is estimated that around 90% of U.S. households consume frozen desserts! The compound annual growth rate of the yogurt portion of the ice cream and frozen dessert market grew by a steady 2.5% from 2001-2006, to achieve an overall value of $4.81 billion for that period, and is slated to continue growing at that rate for the years 2011-2016.

And although it’s in a highly competitive market, Zoyo as a local Phoenix brand is hot out of the gate, and is set for rapid growth with its attractive and easy-to-manage business model.

We love what we do and we successfully excel in the industry. As a Franchise Partner, you are a member of a growing team who is also proud to be community-involved, with neighborhood fundraising efforts that give significant donations to local school and other organizational causes. Simply put, we know how to create a successful froyo shop. We understand how to run it efficiently and profitably. And most importantly, we understand how to grow it. And we’d like to teach you how to do the same! Continue on to learn more about a Zoyo Frozen Yogurt Franchise and what kind of support you can expect when you join the team.


1. Complete the Zoyo Franchise Request for Information Form – We like to know a little bit about you as you consider becoming a Franchise Partner (jump to the Zoyo Franchise form).

2. Introductory call to meet us and get your questions answered – We’ll reach out to you to answer all of your questions and give you more detailed information regarding qualification requirements, what to expect, and find out what territory you’re interested in. At this time we’ll also walk you through our online brochure where you can access pertinent information.

3. Submit your Request for Consideration and receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) – The next step is to submit a Request for Consideration to us when you’re ready to move forward. Then, we’ll send you a Franchise Disclosure Document that contains a detailed explanation of the Zoyo Franchise.

4. Complete your research and due diligence – We want you to know and understand who we are and what it would mean to be a Franchise Partner so that you can confidently make your decision. We encourage you to not only talk to us, but to also talk with other Franchise Partners. This is a perfect time to begin creating your personal business plan based on your research and the materials we’ve provided you.

5. Receive the Franchise Agreement and review – You’ve made the educated decision that becoming a Zoyo Franchise Partner is the right investment for you and have requested the Franchise Agreement to review. It is advisable to have a legal professional review the agreement.

6. Attend our “Join the Team Day” and Sign the Franchise Agreement – We’ll schedule a date for you to come to our Corporate Offices in Mesa, AZ and meet the executive team. You’ll have one-on-one time with us and get the full Zoyo experience! You will then have an opportunity to sign the Franchise Agreement and become an official Franchise Partner! We’ll welcome you to the Zoyo Team and give you a hearty congratulations!

For more details and inquiry about this franchise business Contact us

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Franchise Information Request Form

Congratulations on the decision to examine this franchise opportunity more closely. After your necessary inquiries, we are confident that upon meeting the franchise criterion you will be pleased with the decision. (NOTE: This form is provided for entrepreneurs interested in the franchise. This form should not be used for solicitation or SPAM messages).

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@ Available Territories:

International, US, All of Canada – With Some Exceptions

@ Capital Required:

Single > Min Invest: $100K, Total Invest: 169.2K-$379.5K, Min Net Worth: $350K, Master, Min Invest:

@ Franchise & Other Fees:

Single:$35K, Master: $136K – Ask for details

@ Franchise Units:

US & Canada, Single: N/A, Master/RD: N/A, Corporate: 10

@ In Business Since & Franchising Since?

2011, & 2011


Full Orientation/Training Will Be Provided By The Franchisor


Frozen Yogurt Zoyo

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